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Watch the following video and prepare to be amazed. FiveRuns has made a seriously awesome and useful tools for Ruby on Rails developers. Not only does it tell you load times for pages, but it breaks it down into view and model times. If you can’t figure out how to fix it, you can upload […]

I’ve been going through the startup school 08 videos today and have found them both interesting and inspiring. For example, David Heinemeier Hansson talks about a simple solution for profits (having a price), and Paul Graham talks about how benevolence helps you succeed. I still have a bunch more to watch.

We make heavy use of jabberd2 2.1.x at Chesspark. smoku has been making great progress taking this somewhat orphaned code base, maintaining it, and adding new features. However there is a memory leak in the session manager component that neither he nor we have been able to find. Please see the following MRTG graphs of […]

Chesspark has recently made a donation to the Twisted Software Foundation and become a founding sponsor. You can see our logo on the front page along side other companies which also use Twisted like LucasFilm, Sun Microsystems, and Zenoss. We use Twisted for almost everything at Chesspark. Not only is it used by Palaver (our […]

Sander recently wrote about Facebook’s announcement that they would be exposing their new chat features via XMPP over at the Cocinella blog. I’m very happy to hear that another large company is planning to support open standards, and I completely agree with Sander that we should avoid walled gardens. However, I did have some comments […]