5 Reasons You Should Love Twisted Python


Chesspark has recently made a donation to the Twisted Software Foundation and become a founding sponsor. You can see our logo on the front page along side other companies which also use Twisted like LucasFilm, Sun Microsystems, and Zenoss.

We use Twisted for almost everything at Chesspark. Not only is it used by Palaver (our MUC component), Punjab (our BOSH interface) and Idavoll (a pubsub component), but we also use it for all our internal components that implement chess logic, game pairing, and game searching.

Here are 5 reasons you should use and love Twisted:

  1. The team is serious about code quality and their methods are inspiring. Read about their Ultimate Quality Development System and their code review process.
  2. The team is extremely responsive to feedback, questions and bug reports.
  3. Deferreds take some getting used to, but they are awesome.
  4. The @defer.inlineCallbacks decorator makes using deferreds even better.
  5. twisted.words makes writing XMPP components and clients a breeze. Twisted even makes testing these components fairly easy.

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