WuChess Has Launched


Chesspark has just launched WuChess in partnership with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.  This new site is federated with Chesspark (and the rest of the XMPP community) and has its own look and feel.  Members will get to watch and possibly play RZA and other hip-hop stars and interact with a community that shares a love for hip-hop music.  Part of the profits from WuChess go to the Hip-Hop Chess Federation to help teach and promote life skills to kids.

WuChess was born from our commitment to promote chess as a healthy activity for kids and teens.  Through our sponsorships of organizations like the HHCF and BeSome1 we have met great people like Adisa (of the HHCF) who are commited to this cause.

Through the enabling technology of XMPP and the game of chess, people all over the world can expand their minds and their horizons by communicating with others from all over the world.

Want to see what it looks like?  Watch the WuChess video tour.


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