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We just released some new features for Speeqe, a simple group chat application for the Web.  This release includes private room messages, external MUC support, early access for interested people to host their own rooms, external Jabber authentication, and image inlining. Please check it out.  We’re looking for people interested in starting their own Speeqe […]

My father-in-law grows corn and soybeans in rural Minnesota.  I’m currently spending a week on this farm visiting with my in-laws and trying not to work too hard (ha!).  Yesterday I helped empty a grain bin into a semi trailer for sale at the local grain elevator.  For me, this whole task was very like […]

Like thousands of others, I am playing around on today.  Microblogging is a hot topic especially as Twitter’s growth problems have provided fodder for the armchair scalability experts.  We’ve also been thinking about microblogging in the context of Speeqe.  I’m not sure where our experiments will lead, but you can see our initial endeavor […]

In order to build XMPP applications inside web browsers, the XSF created the Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) specification.  This document specifies the interface for a server side connection manager which holds your XMPP connections open and uses Comet to mimic a two way pipe to the browser.  Having used BOSH-based clients as my primary […]

I’ve been working furiously over the last week to prepare a 1.0 release of Strophe. For the C library Doxygen was an easy choice.  The markup is based on Javadoc, and the tool just works.  For JavaScript, there are few choices, and most of the choices are just terrible. Documentation Styles There are two ways […]