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One of the biggest benefits to using ejabberd is the ease with which it is possible to extend the server’s functionality. After only a week of production operation, I’ve already written and deployed four new modules at Chesspark. Let’s get our hands dirty, fire up an editor, and learn how to write a new ejabberd […]

Yesterday I blogged about choosing an XMPP server.  Once you’ve made this decision, it is time to get it set up and running great.  If this is your first XMPP server, this is often just some software installation and a little bit of configuration.  However, for those who already have an existing set up, or […]

Choosing an XMPP server is a big decision.  Should you go with the popular one or the one written in the most popular language?  Perhaps you don’t plan to become a systems administrator and you need one which is easy to set up and maintain.  Unfortunately for people making this important choice, there is not […]

It used to be that chat bots were toy projects written by young programmers to impress their friends in their favorite IRC channel.  These days, some bots are much more ambitious projects.  For example, both and Twitter are using XMPP bots to distribute messages to users in real-time.  At Chesspark, we have chess playing […]

In order to build XMPP applications inside web browsers, the XSF created the Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) specification.  This document specifies the interface for a server side connection manager which holds your XMPP connections open and uses Comet to mimic a two way pipe to the browser.  Having used BOSH-based clients as my primary […]

Three years ago, we released libstrophe to the world. libstrophe is a cross-platform C library for writing XMPP clients. libstrophe exists because none of the C libraries at the time worked well on Windows platforms. A year or so later, I discovered the potential of XMPP on the Web and created a JavaScript version as […]

My team and I have been working on a new project. When we started Chesspark, we had no visions for a Web version, but that changed quickly after my wife showed me a JavaScript demo she wrote of a chess board with drag and drop pieces.  We took that little demo and added AJAX and […]