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Yesterday I told the story of hiring a Django developer: Python is really easy to learn, and regardless of what you hear, the significant whitespace makes code enjoyable to read.  How easy?  I hired someone who had never used Python or Django, and they wrote the Chesspark forum in about a week. One person commented […]

Django is one of the best web frameworks out there.  Although no project is perfect, any project wanting to best Django has a tough act to follow.  Here’s why: Django is a full stack.  This means that while it is possible to replace bits and pieces with other bits and pieces, it provides everything you […]

Christian writes about his frustration with Django’s release process.  There has not been a new release of Django for over a year, and the prevailing advice is to use trunk, the latest development code.  I sympathize with him. We run Django 0.96 at Chesspark with plenty of patches.  We have our database patches that fix […]

Chesspark has recently made a donation to the Twisted Software Foundation and become a founding sponsor. You can see our logo on the front page along side other companies which also use Twisted like LucasFilm, Sun Microsystems, and Zenoss. We use Twisted for almost everything at Chesspark. Not only is it used by Palaver (our […]

In Do You Know What Your Database Is Doing, I mentioned that we had fixed several problems in Django that we discovered by using our query analyzer on Chesspark’s database logs. Here’s a list of the main tickets we’ve filed against Django. The relevant patches and discussion are attached to the tickets. Ticket #3460: psycopg2 […]

There are so many different web frameworks these days that it is hard to keep count. Do you ever wonder exactly how they are accessing your data? Even if you write your own SQL, do you know how often it executes? In order to investigate performance issues at Chesspark, I wrote a query analyzer to […]