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Like thousands of others, I am playing around on today.  Microblogging is a hot topic especially as Twitter’s growth problems have provided fodder for the armchair scalability experts.  We’ve also been thinking about microblogging in the context of Speeqe.  I’m not sure where our experiments will lead, but you can see our initial endeavor […]

My team and I have been working on a new project. When we started Chesspark, we had no visions for a Web version, but that changed quickly after my wife showed me a JavaScript demo she wrote of a chess board with drag and drop pieces.  We took that little demo and added AJAX and […]

Yesterday I told the story of hiring a Django developer: Python is really easy to learn, and regardless of what you hear, the significant whitespace makes code enjoyable to read.  How easy?  I hired someone who had never used Python or Django, and they wrote the Chesspark forum in about a week. One person commented […]

If you give some normal people anonymity and an internet connection their behavior becomes atrocious.  This is unfortunately very obvious when anyone joins any public discussion on the Internet.  The public jabber conference rooms have been dealing with this problem as the popularity of XMPP increases.  At Chesspark we run into this problem a lot, […]

Chesspark has just launched WuChess in partnership with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.  This new site is federated with Chesspark (and the rest of the XMPP community) and has its own look and feel.  Members will get to watch and possibly play RZA and other hip-hop stars and interact with a community that shares a […]

I’ve been going through the startup school 08 videos today and have found them both interesting and inspiring. For example, David Heinemeier Hansson talks about a simple solution for profits (having a price), and Paul Graham talks about how benevolence helps you succeed. I still have a bunch more to watch.