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I’ve seen a few great posts lately about keyboard shortcuts and other small tweaks to make working with Firefox even better. These posts are often aimed at a general audience, so I thought it was time for a developer focused article. Below you will find a list of my favorite and most used Firefox shortcuts […]

My team and I have been working on a new project. When we started Chesspark, we had no visions for a Web version, but that changed quickly after my wife showed me a JavaScript demo she wrote of a chess board with drag and drop pieces.  We took that little demo and added AJAX and […]

Chesspark has recently made a donation to the Twisted Software Foundation and become a founding sponsor. You can see our logo on the front page along side other companies which also use Twisted like LucasFilm, Sun Microsystems, and Zenoss. We use Twisted for almost everything at Chesspark. Not only is it used by Palaver (our […]

There are so many different web frameworks these days that it is hard to keep count. Do you ever wonder exactly how they are accessing your data? Even if you write your own SQL, do you know how often it executes? In order to investigate performance issues at Chesspark, I wrote a query analyzer to […]